Steps to Creating your Custom Home

  1. Feasibility Study – Can we make your project happen on your site? Not all sites are the same. It is important that we discuss your site before you make that lot purchase and decide if this site is right for you. At this point a bubble plan or floor plan may be produced to determine the feasibility of the lot and client wishes.
  2. Design – After the right lot has been selected we discuss all the items that will go into your home. We work together to make a plan that flows, as well as meets all of your needs.
  3. Construction Documents – At this point we have molded a floor plan and elevations into your dream home. Now all of the final drawings start getting finalized. This is where we work together with Civil engineers, structural engineers, and mechanical engineers to put the final construction documents.
  4. City/ County Submittal – This is the point where the final set of plans are sent to the local jurisdiction for plan review to meet local building codes.

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